Calling Paul Bunyon!

When we talk about the yard at The Duckling, it feels like we’re constantly reminding people that at one time, this house looked like this:

The Duckling circa 2010 - I promise, the house is somewhere behind all of those overgrown trees!

To say that the landscaping was overgrown is a complete understatement. The house was virtually not visible from the street. The investor who bought the house in 2010 made quick work of completely stripping out the landscaping from all around the house and limbing up the trees. When we moved in, we did a little more cleaning up of the landscaping around the house, but pretty much left the backyard alone. That is until now. Now, we’ve begun the work of trying to undo about 20-30 years of letting the backyard run wild.

From the moment we moved in, Patrick had his eye on the backyard and knew that he wanted to take down a bunch of the little trees that rimmed the backyard. He felt that doing so would open up the yard a bit and make things feel larger and more park-like. Here’s a sample of what the yard looked like before the tree project began:

backyard trees 4


photo (6)

With the help of his father, and a high speed, low drag weed wacker with a metal blade on it, they made quick work of the project.

photo (7)

photo (5)

So Patrick found his inner Paul Bunyon and ended up leaving big piles of cut down trees all over our backyard.

tree pile

tree pile 3

tree pile 2

At which point we started to wonder how we were going to get them out of there. Thankfully, we had a big tree, bigger than Patrick and his little weed-wacker-that-could, were able to handle. So our tree guy ended up cutting down both the big tree and hauling away all of the Paul Bunyon remnants.

Needless to say, the yard is starting to take some shape. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re definitely making great progress!

Until next time…


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