The Moose is Loose.

What’s white, has an awesome rack, a mischievous smile and always looks like he knows more than he’s letting on? If you’re thinking that sounds an awful lot like you, Carrie, well….   Ok, seriously, people. This_isn’t_about_me (but thank you for thinking I have an awesome rack! ;-).

This riddle has to do with the newest member of our family – Barnaby! WHO? Barnaby the Moose, of course!


As we begin to imagine the finishing touches on our living room, we knew we wanted at least one piece that would be a conversation starter. Unfortunately for Barnaby, the conversation is pretty short – we think he’s fun, he was a major bargain, so we brought him home! End of story.

But what you may not realize that is that although Barnaby looks pretty cool right now – in a few months he’s going to look AWESOME when he’s hanging out with a new dining room chandelier and we compliment his physique with some awesome gray walls.

Until then, we’ll just have to tease you a little with some Barnaby close-ups. What do you think is his best side?




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