Feeling Moody!

Some of the best ideas in the world aren’t original – they are borrowed and adapted from other ideas. In my work life, I’m a big fan of borrowing good ideas from other cities that I think will work in our community. So why would things be any different when it comes to this blog, right? (Commence head nodding.)

That said, I’ve noticed that a lot of home decor bloggers use a little tool called a “mood board” to help develop and inspire their vision for the eventual re-do of their space. Back in the day (ok, I just revealed my age with that humdinger), we talked about “inspiration boards” – a literal bulletin board where you’d post magazine clippings, phrases or images that inspired you to achieve whatever goal you were working toward. Pinterest has taken the inspiration board to the virtual level – and you know we all LOVE Pinterest! And a mood board basically puts a series of images onto one “board” – showcasing how all of the elements could work together.

So now that I’ve finished your history lesson on mood boards, let’s talk about the one we’ve created for our living room. Here’s the deal – when we moved into The Duckling we knew that our furniture in the living room was a temporary solution. Why you ask? Well, mostly because the fabric was Finley tested when we bought this set 7 years ago and it failed miserably. We promptly relegated the remaining loveseat and chair to our family room on the third floor of our old house, where it barely saw any use. Now that Finley is on it again every day, it’s definitely seeing better days.

Our second reason for an upgrade is that the seating we currently have is a loveseat, a chair, an ottoman and a rocking chair. If we’re lucky and people don’t mind perching on an ottoman, that’s seating for 5 (usually with Finley sandwiched in the middle of the loveseat). Since there are three of us in this family, that means we can only accommodate two other people in our living room – and at that, it’s not exactly comfortable.

The bonus of these challenges is that we get to imagine the possibilities. In addition, we’ve also been imagining what we might want to do in terms of a color scheme in this space. We have a black and white theme in the adjacent dining area, so it needs to be complimentary. Plus, we want wall colors for the space that will make it serene, but not your standard beige.

Lastly, we knew we needed to find another solution for our television and accompanying electronic components. While I didn’t mind the sofa table as a temporary solution, I am not a fan of staring at the electrical cords that hang down behind the table.

So all of that in mind – this is what we’ve got so far for a mood board.

Living Room Mood Board

We’re going to replace our current love seat and chair/ottoman with a couch and chair (recliner, if we can) – something low profile, and fitting the more mid-century modern feel of our house. Our goal is to mindfully mix the mid-century modern that we love with the more classic, mission style feel of some of our other furnishings. I think it’s going to work, but I guess time will tell!

The color scheme will be a light gray on the wall, with a darker gray accent on one wall in the dining area, on the wall above the fireplace and on the back of the bookcases. Accent colors in the decor will be red or yellow – we’re still debating this.

We’ve already started making some purchases, but we’ll wait to reveal how things are coming together until we’ve got more in place. As is the case with a mood board, this post is meant to inspire and imagine!

What mood is striking you these days? Are you ready to freshen your surroundings?


6 thoughts on “Feeling Moody!

  1. Nice mood board. I have never been able to decorate that way. That could be because I mostly furnish my house with pieces I find on the side of the road!

    Red is my favorite color, but I think that yellow goes better with grey. Maybe I am just not picturing it well. Do you have red/grey rooms pinned on Pinterest?

  2. Hi Jessica – thanks – it was my first attempt at a mood board. I created it in Powerpoint and then saved it as a jpeg file. But I really want to figure out how to do it more efficiently so I can add more images and color swatches. I did post some living rooms on Pinterest that are gray and red and even gray, red and yellow. Look for me at http://www.pinterest.com/chezgray

  3. I’m totally in love with gray right now, so don’t be surprised if you see it popping up in the new casatardel as well as the duckling! I’m more of a teal/turquoise/purple gal for accent colors with gray though, so it won’t be like Mom dressing us in matching outfits. I love yellow with it though, but just to be difficult, why not orange? Ooooh. Orange. 🙂 Isn’t it fun to decorate in your head where you have no budget and everything looks fabulous?!

    • So funny – I totally thought about orange!!….but with the floor plan flowing into the kitchen, was worried it would fight with the red appliances. And we totally thought about teal as the accent color, but we’ve changed our mind. There’s a very good chance our minds will change again! LOL

  4. Heather- I just decorated two models at work with Gray and a Rusty Orange. One has a little more gray one has a little more orange. The blah beige walls took on a nice warm orange when paired with the accessories. It looks great. My cousin just did gray and a dark purple in her condo and loves the results versus builder white. Hope the showing was a success and we will get to see the new casatardel soon!

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