Bucket List of Crazy.

Sorry we’ve been MIA for a few weeks – lots going on around here and the blog took a backseat. But we’ve got a lot to update you on, so hopefully you’ll hear more from us in the coming weeks. In the meantime…

It’s that time, folks….time for…..THE LISTS TO END ALL LISTS!!!!!! (Imagine that being said in that booming TV announcer-type voice and it makes it that much more exciting, doesn’t it?).

From the time we moved into The Duckling, we had an every-growing mental to-do list. Then one night we finally transferred that list to paper. And since then we’ve been gradually checking things off. But, now it is time…time to let you in on a little thing we like to call our “Bucket List of Crazy.”

What follows is a room by room list of the things that we will be doing to this house over the next few years. Some of it has already been done (and in the tradition of any to do list is now crossed off, just for the satisfaction of crossing it off!) and some of it is in the works, but most of it is a vision of what’s to come. So let’s get started!


Front of House (50% done)

  1. Put shutters on all front windows
  2. Paint front door
  3. Replace front door light
  4. Re-do the front stoop
  5. Re-grade the front yard
  6. Plant grass seed
  7. Put blue stone down for temporary front path
  8. Rebuild front path
  9. Put in new landscaping
  10. Trim up trees
  11. Remove nasty bushes at bottom of driveway
  12. Replant beds at bottom of driveway
  13. Coat driveway
  14. Install window boxes on all windows
  15. Replace mailbox
  16. Install uplighting along front facade

photo (1)

Driveway Side of House (20% done)

  1. Extend driveway & bump out
  2. Remove bushes at side door
  3. Replant flower bed by the side door
  4. Install new light above garage door
  5. Paint garage door
  6. Replace garage door with carriage doors
  7. Replace light above side door
  8. Replace side door stoop
  9. Add covered entry to side door


Back of House (10% done)

  1. Remove bushes by the back door
  2. Remove bushes along side of the house
  3. Plant new landscaping along back and side of house
  4. Remove dead spruce tree
  5. Replace light at the back door
  6. Install some type of green screen to hide utilities
  7. Install patio at the back door (temporary in case we do the big plan)
  8. Build a great room/dining room/master suite addition (THIS? This, is the big plan 7 years down the road at earliest)
  9. Clean out the underbrush along three sides of the backyard
  10. Install raised garden beds in back corner of the yard

Sunroom - after.

Sunporch (10% done)

  1. Install door between sunporch and garage
  2. Paint walls and ceiling
  3. Replace overhead light
  4. Replace windows
  5. Add curtains to windows
  6. Paint side door
  7. Install new door knob on side door

Dining area - after.

Living room - after.

Living Room / Dining Area (5% done)

  1. Paint walls, trim and ceilings
  2. Install new chandelier in dining room
  3. Fix water damage along the fireplace wall
  4. Paint fireplace
  5. Install new curtains
  6. Purchase new couch and rug

Kitchen - after. LOVE our IKEA pulls on the cabinets - DO NOT buy these pulls anywhere else. They are easy to install and super reasonably priced. LOVE THEM!! (And a big shout out to my Dad for perfecting the installation of the pulls!)

Kitchen (60% done)

  1. Paint walls, trim and ceiling
  2. Remove swinging door to dining area
  3. Remove door to front entry
  4. Paint pantry door
  5. Paint basement door
  6. Replace storm door on back door
  7. Install new door sweep on back door
  8. Install hardware on kitchen cabinets
  9. Replace all door knobs
  10. Paint kitchen cabinets (?? – we’re still on the fence on this one).

Love this stairway!

Front Entry (10% done)

  1. Paint hall closet door
  2. Paint spindles on the stairway
  3. Paint walls, ceiling and trim
  4. Replace knob on hall closet door
  5. Install new light fixture

It's small, which is why it's mostly just mine and the boys are using the larger bathroom upstairs.

First Floor Bath / Linen Closet / Hallway (30% done)

  1. Replace accent tiles in bath
  2. Paint walls, trim, ceilings
  3. Paint bathroom vanity
  4. Repair bathroom faucet
  5. Install new knobs on bathroom vanity
  6. Install new hooks for bath towels
  7. Install new toilet paper holder
  8. Line shelves in linen closet
  9. Replace all door knobs


Master Bedroom (30% done)

  1. Paint walls, trim, ceiling
  2. Replace door knobs
  3. Remove mini blinds
  4. Install new curtains
  5. Install California Closets


Gavin’s Room (0% done)

  1. Paint walls, trim, ceiling
  2. Replace door knobs
  3. Install curtains
  4. Remove mini blinds
  5. Paint bed frame and install


Guest Room (0% done)

  1. Paint walls, trim, ceiling
  2. Replace single-panel doors with two-panel doors
  3. Paint dresser drawers
  4. Replace drawer knobs
  5. Replace door knobs
  6. Install new overhead light


Office (0% done)

  1. Paint walls, trim, ceiling
  2. Paint dresser drawers
  3. Replace drawer knobs
  4. Replace single-panel doors with two-panel doors


Upstairs Bathroom (0% done)

  1. Two words….GUT JOB. (Enough said)


Basement (10% done)

  1. Clean up unfinished area
  2. Remove old shelves in unfinished area
  3. Paint floor in unfinished area
  4. Drylock walls in unfinished area
  5. Install granite on the bar
  6. Resurface bar with wainscotting
  7. Replace basement windows
  8. Paint walls, trim, ceiling and doors
  9. Solve the musty odor (sort of done?)

So there you have it! If you managed to get through this list, then you can see how much we have to get done. And not everything we’re doing will be on this list – some of it will be about decor, which of course we’ll keep you posted on as well. In the meantime, pray for us! We’re going to be at this for a while!

Until next time….


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