I’m a firm believer that the front door of your house is the most important detail on the outside of your house. It is the first thing that people see and it speaks volumes about the people who live behind that door. It’s not so much the style of the door that matters (although let’s be honest, a steel front door on a historic home does seem a bit out of character), but it’s what you do with the front door that counts.

When we bought our last house, the door was the natural wood color. And we probably could have left it that way, but it was a light wood on a medium gray stone house – it didn’t seem to jive with the house or with us. So it was promptly painted red. What did red say about us? On that house, I think it said – classic, but bold; traditional, yet fun – which is also probably a good way to describe us as a family too.

We knew from the start that The Duckling’s front door needed some oomph – and quickly. The white, although utilitarian, didn’t really say anything about who we are as a family. So until we could pick a color, I put a wreath up there to at least signal a feeling of “we’re home!” to the folks in our neighborhood and coming to our front door.


The front door the day we bought the house.


We get by with a little help from a wreath.

The big debate in our house was what color this front door should be. This wasn’t an easy question to answer because we haven’t been exactly sure whether we’ll paint the brick or not….this is still up for debate. So we knew that whatever color we chose, we had to make it something that would go with the brick as is or the brick painted a light to medium tone gray. And we know we are going to put black shutters on the house, so the color needed to look good with black too.

So, what to do, but I start looking on Pinterest – the ultimate resource for when you need some inspiration. Patrick said, what about a nice yellow? Hmmmm…..let’s see. There’s this, this and this. But those just didn’t seem right. But this and this? Oh yeah, that’s The Duckling. Eventually the whole front door will likely be replaced with one just like this so we can have more natural light in our front hallway. But until then, we paint!

So off to the local Sherwin Williams we go to find some paint chips to see which one we like. In classic paint selecting style, what we thought looked good in the store ended up being putrid when we held it up against the brick. So after a half dozen yellows, where did we land? Sherwin William’s Bee. It’s not too bright, not too pale, just the perfect sunny shade of yellow.

But before we could jump into painting the door we had to take care of the hardware. The top lock was a new brass and we weren’t really sure what the metal was of the 60+ year old hardware below it. We knew we didn’t want brass and that we would probably like black fixtures. But again, we’re going to likely replace this door eventually, so why spend the money now on hardware for a door that is not going to be there in another five years. The solution? We paint! We chose Rustoleum’s Gloss Black. We weren’t sure how this would turn out, but we figured it was worth a shot.

Patrick started by lightly sanding the new brass to rough it up a bit for the paint. Then he started to sand the hardware below – and lo and behold, it was brass! And not the new brass, but a really lovely classic 1950’s brass! We hesitated for a second….should we paint it?

The hardware - before.

The hardware – before.

The hardware - post sanding - where the beauty of the brass comes through.

The hardware – post sanding – where the beauty of the brass comes through.

But we knew that brass was going to look awful next to the yellow paint and furthermore, the brass up top and the brass on the bottom were no where near a match in quality or color. So we continued on the painting venture and we’re thrilled – it turned out just like we’d hoped! (But I’ll save the big reveal until the end!)

Next it was on to the front door. Patrick wiped down the door and sanded it up a bit to help the paint adhere. It is Sherwin Williams’ Emerald Gloss paint. It only took two coats and went on beautifully. And boy what a difference!

Now that's a happy front door!

Now that’s a happy front door!

As we suspected, painting our front door added some serious oomph to our curb appeal. Now our front door not only says “we’re home!” but it also says we’re happy to be here!

So now when I pull in the driveway, I look at that door and it just makes me smile! Next on the list will be fixing the front stoop, replacing the pipes connecting our downspouts to the sewer pipes, putting up the shutters, cleaning the gutters and siding and doing some serious landscaping.

And that’s just on the outside….aah, the never-ending work of a homeowner!


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