The listing.

When we decided to list our house, it was March 27. The plan was to spend the next six weeks working to get the house ready. This included cleaning out closets, emptying the basement, having the parging in the basement repaired, replacing windows where the thermal seal had broken and generally putting a shine on everything.

The to do list that Patrick put together was two pages – count ’em TWO. We started chipping away at it very quickly and before we knew it, we were well done half of the list. This was the middle of April. About that time our realtor, Cynthia, called to say that the market was really heating up, inventory was low and if we wanted to capitalize on this, we should list immediately. So we pushed up our listing date by two weeks and shot for Wednesday, April 24 for the house to land on the MLS. Our showings would start on Saturday, the open house would be Sunday and we’d be on our way!

On Wednesday night we started getting requests for showings. We pushed up the showing start date to Friday at noon. There were three showings that day, two on Saturday (one a repeat from Friday) and about 70 people (many nosey neighbors) who showed up on Sunday for the open house.

Tuesday night, April 30, Cynthia texted at 11 PM the following message “ding, ding, ding – we have a winner!” She had three offers, one that was a standout and would be meeting us the following evening to review and hopefully accept the offer.

If you’ve been keeping track, Tuesday was SIX DAYS from our house going into the MLS.

We met with Cynthia Wednesday night and immediately knew she was right – we had a winner! The only problem was….we had no where to go! The short story is that we found something – the detail of that will be forthcoming – and luckily our buyers were willing to let us rent back for a few months if we needed to. So not quite homeless, but certainly feeling the pressure to find a place and quickly.

Here’s a taste of what we’ve left behind….

_DSC2855_DSC2758 _DSC2762 _DSC2766 _DSC2771 _DSC2774 _DSC2777 _DSC2786 _DSC2789 _DSC2807 _DSC2814 _DSC2827 _DSC2836 _DSC2845


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