Better late than never.

I love the expression “better late than never” because it’s used so often and frankly, I’m always on time, so the words better and late don’t really go together in my world very often. But in this case, the case of the start of this blog, I think it’s probably true. We’re arriving late to the party – the Blog-o-lution that is. It seems everyone is blogging and other than a few Facebook updates a week, that’s pretty much all the world has heard from me. And really? Who wants to hear from me anyway!?

Seriously, there’s not anything unusually profound or prophetic coming across these lips and I’m certainly not going to solve world hunger or end homelessness in this blog. Let’s get that straight right now and manage your expectations from the start, folks. This blog isn’t that blog. This blog also isn’t about getting famous or getting a bunch of sponsors to pay me to blog (ok, if that happens, I’m SO NOT turning down that offer!). And this blog certainly isn’t political and isn’t going to rail on what is or isn’t right with our American society. So now that we’ve covered what this blog isn’t, let’s talk about what it is and what it will be.

Cape Love Affair is about finding a way to chronicle for our friends and family (and for posterity’s sake) the renovation and restoration of our adorable Cape Cod in Wilmington, Delaware – the house we lovingly call today, “The Ugly Duckling.” Someday we know this house will be a beautiful swan, but until then, she’s ours and we are going to love on her until she’s gorgeous again. We are about three weeks to settlement and there’s quite a back story as to how that is all going, but to protect the innocent and to keep the lawyers at bay, I’ll wait until we’re post-settlement to fill you in on those gory details. In the meantime, I’m going to share how we sold our current house in six days (oh yeah, baby, you read that right – count ’em SIX!). And we’ll also laugh together over our whirlwind search for a new house (10 houses, 5 hours) and most importantly, about why we chose Duckling as our next home.

Sit back, relax and enjoy – the Cape Love Affair starts in 3…2…1…


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